Emily & Jared: Thank God I’m Yours

A romantic wedding filmed in St. Gabriel Louisiana

By: AndrewBenton | September 28, 2017 |

Emily and Jared are no doubt a special couple. I remember the first time we met was shortly after the devastating 2016 Louisiana flood. I was in the middle of doing a documentary on the aftermath of the horrific event and got the opportunity to interview these two flood survivors. Like many they had lost at lot from the flooding of their home and were kind enough to share their experience for the documentary. Soon after they contacted me to ask if I would film their wedding and I happily obliged.

Growing up as kids, Emily and Jared knew each other as friends but were separated for a number of years as they matured through the teenage years. Throughout their lives these two have definitely experienced their fair share of ups and downs in relationships; however, when they finally rediscovered each other, everything changed.

Their wedding took place at a beautiful hidden gem of a venue down in St. Gabriel Louisiana. Everything from the decorative lights and flowers to the bridesmaids dresses was beautifully put together. It all culminated in a romantic ceremony under the lights which was led by Emily’s grandfather. By the time she walked down the aisle, there was no holding back for Jared as tears of joy streamed down his face.
As special as this day will forever be in our hearts, even better yet is the joy to come with the life that awaits these two. Congratulations Emily and Jared; may this wedding video be a continual reminder of God’s blessing on the special bond that you two have formed!

Venue:  St. Gabriel’s House of Events

Photo:  Meadowlark Artistry

Video:  ABP Films