Hannah & Nick | Ulay Oh

A Gonzales wedding film fueled by quiet passion

By: AndrewBenton | September 29, 2017 |

Two Hearts Joined

Hannah and Nick’s wedding was an emotion filled night as the two prepared to embark on a life long journey together.  The night involved the joining of two families from across two separate states.  Hannah and her family are originally from Louisiana, however, she decided to go to college in Alabama to peruse a career in education.  It was there that she crossed paths with Nick.  The two hit it off quickly and after graduating college they were ready to take the next step.  The night passed by in a  rush of a whirlwind; and what a night it was!

The venue was beautifully decorated in royal purple with beams of light highlighting the far reaches of the ceiling.  Better yet was the dancing as people gathered together to dance to some popular hits played by the DJ.  The night couldn’t have come to end in a more pleasing way as Hannah and Nick left in a spirited exit filled with lots and lots of bubbles!

As Hannah and Nick move on together into the next phase of their life we would like to wish them all the best in a long and happy marriage!

Wedding Venue: Elegant Affairs
Photo: CJ Grace Photography
Wedding Video: ABP Films
Makeup: Renee Delaune